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Moscow State Budgetary Healthcare Institution Children's City Polyclinic No. 32 of the Moscow City Health Department.

Children's City Clinic No. 32 is a medical organization that provides specialized medical services, including high-tech medical care, in the following 10 areas: abdominal surgery, gastroenterology, hematology, neurosurgery, otorhinolaryngology, rheumatology, cardiac surgery, traumatology and orthopedics, chest surgery, maxillofacial surgery). Medical care is carried out in accordance with the license of medical practice No. LO-77-01-013320 dated October 26, 2016, issued by the Moscow Department of Health.

The clinic includes a consultation clinic for 400 visits per shift with daily treatment of patients for 10 beds, a genetic consultation, an audiological department, 22 specialized departments of the inpatient department for 960 beds, a regional vascular center, 26 diagnostic and paraclinical departments, an emergency and planned medical care department (aviation medical services), ACS team, life support services.

Annually, the clinic holds about 180 thousand consultations in 23 specialties with 6 special consultants who offer only meetings in the region. In the outpatient departments of otorhinolaryngology and maxillofacial surgery, about 1000 patients are treated annually, 80% of whom undergo surgical intervention. More than 26 thousand patients receive in-patient specialized care in 19 medical specialties; more than 21 thousand operations have been performed. The surgical activity of the hospital reached 80%. Last year, 2659 cases of high-tech medical care were provided, including 2106 surgical interventions. The hospital conducts a wide range of diagnostic tests and medical procedures and procedures. It is possible to receive treatment in a single or double room (superior rooms) with additional medical supervision.


Head office
125047, g. Moscow, Fadeeva, building 8 (travel to the metro station "Novoslobodskaya" or "Mayakovskaya", then walk 5 minutes).

E-mail address

Hospital Link (Pass Office)
tel 8-495-135-55-32

Kodzoev Zaurbek Magomedovich Tel / Fax: (499) 250-01-75

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